Revised closure for Northeast 8th Street

Closure between 132nd and 134th avenues to last from Aug. 15-Sept. 16

Kelsey Creek Culvert Project MapStarting Wednesday, Aug. 15, all lanes of Northeast Eighth Street between 132nd and 134th avenues will be closed due to Bellevue Utilities replacing the Kelsey Creek culvert under the street. Initial estimates anticipated a 17-day closure but excavation of the site has revealed the need for a more complex and extended demolition process. Work will likely be completed by Sept. 16.

Building a new culvert under Northeast Eighth Street will ensure the long-term safety of the roadway which carries more than 23,000 vehicles a day, protect critical utilities and improve fish passage in Kelsey Creek which flows under the road.

Northeast Eighth Street is an important route for residents of Bellevue and regional commuters, and it provides a corridor for underground utilities such as water and gas lines. The safety and reliability of this transportation route is a priority for the City of Bellevue.

Details the travelling public should know, include:

  • No through traffic will be possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the closure. Detour routes will be available.
  • Local access to neighborhoods will be maintained on 132nd and 134th avenues. Uniformed police officers will be present to prevent cut-through traffic.
  • King County Metro bus stops in the work zone will be temporarily closed.

During the 33-day full closure, crews will work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in order to complete the work as quickly as possible. The detour route map shows how drivers can get around the work zone during the full closure.

For more information and to sign up for alerts, visit the project website at

Get Started Recycling Food Scraps with a FREE Kitchen Composter

Kitchen ComposterFood waste and food-soiled paper make up about 30 percent of a typical household’s waste. If you are putting them down the garbage disposal in your sink, you are increasing your risk of a sewage backup.

Fats, oils and grease from cooking can gather in your home’s side sewer. When a sewer backup is caused by a side sewer failure, you may be faced with digging up your yard, removing the adjoining sidewalk, and/or opening up the street, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars. Repairs are NOT typically covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Avoid this potential disaster with a FREE kitchen composter! Bellevue single-family residents can start recycling food scraps with a free kitchen food waste container by calling your solid waste provider, Republic Services, at 425-452-4762.

Keep the mess down by using compostable bags in your container. Get a free sample from King County by taking the Compost More, Waste Less Pledge.

Apartment and condo residents are eligible for free kitchen food waste containers if a property is signed up for organics service. If your building is, ask your property manager to call Bellevue Utilities’ recycling hotline at 425-452-6932 to request containers. If not, ask your property manager to sign up for organics service and help keep more waste out of the landfill.

Don’t Trash It! Drop It Off or Have It Picked Up!

Old ElectronicsRepublic Services offers expanded recycling options year-around for single-family and multifamily residents – two more ways to keep items out of the landfill. Customers can either drop off items at Republic Services Drop-off Recycling Center at 1600 127th Avenue NE or arrange for a special pick up by calling 425-452-4762. The recycling center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Drop off these items or call 425-452-4762 to schedule a free pick-up

  • Fluorescent Tubes & Bulbs: Tubes should be wrapped in paper and secured with tape and no longer than 4 feet, and marked “fluorescent tubes.” Bulbs should be in closed plastic bags. Limit two tubes/bulbs per collection/visit and 10 per year.
  • Household Batteries: Place rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries in separate, clear, sealed bags.
  • Rigid Plastics: Examples include five-gallon buckets, PVC pipes, laundry baskets, plastic lawn furniture, Big Wheels, coolers, and Nalgene bottles. Size limit: two-feet square. NO CALL NECESSARY FOR PICK-UP: Rigid plastics can be placed in or next to recycle carts on your collection day.
  • Scrap Metal: All ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, including lids three inches or larger, that are free of wood, plastic, rubber, and other contaminants. NO CALL NECESSARY FOR PICKUP: Scrap metal disposed of curbside should be put in recycle carts and be no larger than two-feet square.
  • Small Electronics and Appliances: Limit two-feet square or smaller and less than 60 pounds. Examples include microwave ovens, toaster ovens, irons, computer equipment, TVs, and cellphones.
  • Textiles: Place clean, dry clothing and household textiles in clear plastic bags.
  • Used Cooking Oil: Seal uncontaminated oil (no large solids) in clean, clear, screw-top, plastic jugs. Label jugs with your name and address. Limit 3 gallons per drop-off and 10 gallons per year.

Drop these items off for free

  • Bicycles and Bike Parts
  • Hardcover Books
  • Styrofoam Blocks: No packing peanuts.
  • Small Propane Cylinders: Cylinders must be empty – no tanks.

For a fee, call 425-452-4762 for a pick-up

  • Bulky Waste: For a fee, large appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, clothes washing machines or dryers, water heaters, furniture, mattresses, and other similar large items can be picked up.
  • Construction Materials: Call for pricing.

Construction Starting on NE 8th Street to Replace Kelsey Creek Culvert

Long-term lane closures on NE 8th Street begin in June

Kelsey Creek Culvert Project MapBellevue Utilities will begin construction on Monday, June 25 to replace the Kelsey Creek culvert under Northeast Eighth Street. This work will ensure the long-term safety of the roadway, protect critical utilities, and improve fish passage.

Carrying over 23,000 vehicles a day, Northeast Eighth Street is an important route for residents of Bellevue and regional commuters, and it provides a corridor for underground utilities such as water and gas lines. The safety and reliability of this transportation route is a priority for the City of Bellevue.

Replacing the culvert will require significant work on Northeast Eighth Street between 132nd Avenue Northeast and 134th Avenue Northeast, including:

  • June – November lane closures, resulting in a single lane of traffic in each direction. Expect delays.
  • A 12-day full closure with detour routes, beginning in early August

Crews will work from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday during the lane closures. During the 12-day full closure, crews will work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in order to complete the work as quickly as possible.

For more information and to sign up for alerts, visit the project website at

Project questions can also be sent to James Nicolls, Project Manager, at

Don’t Flush Trouble

NO wipesNever flush wipes. Even wipes that say “flushable” do not dissolve fast enough in our sewer system to avoid clogs. Wipes in the sewer can cause raw sewage to back up into your home and overflow into local lakes and streams. Prevent sewer backups and overflows by putting all wipes in the garbage. Human waste and toilet paper are the only things that should ever go down your toilet.

Find out more at

Recycle Your Old Latex Paint

Paint BucketsKing County’s Take it Back Network has partnered with organizations that have agreed to recycle latex paint in an environmentally sound manner. Your old paint will get a new life rather than being mixed with kitty litter and tossed in the garbage.
  • Materials Accepted: Residents and businesses can drop off unwanted latex paint, water-based stains and clear finishes for recycling at approved partner locations. Visit to find one near you.
  • Recycling Fees: A fee will be charged to cover the cost of labor to package and transport the latex paint to the processing facility. Call the collection site you intend to use to determine the amount of the fee.
  • Call First: Be sure to read the vendor descriptions and call first to verify that they will accept your latex paint.
  • Not Accepted: Oil-based paint, solvents and other hazardous products are NOT accepted. Call 206-296-4692, email, or visit for assistance in safely disposing of hazardous waste.
Bellevue’s Habitat for Humanity Store at 13500 Bel-Red Road also recycles latex paint for a small fee. Recycle hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 425-641-2643 for more information.

Stop Junk Mail and Reduce Paper Waste

Junk MailReduce the junk mail you receive by using the following free services. Each service is different, so using all of them will give you the best results toward significantly reducing unwanted catalogs, retail promotions, credit card offers, insurance offers, and other junk mail.

Opt-out services

  • CatalogChoice is managed by a non-profit organization that works with over 8,000 companies to encourage them to voluntarily honor your opt-out requests. Use the service to stop unwanted mail and catalogs that you currently receive.
  • DMAchoice allows you to remove your name from the marketing lists of 3,600 companies and organizations that are members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). DMA represents about 80 percent of the total volume of marketing mail in the U.S., and they require their members to honor opt-out requests. Use the service to keep your name off future prospecting lists.
  • National Do Not Mail List is managed by a direct mail company. They offer a free online service to help you remove your name from marketing lists used by mass mailers. Use the service to keep your name off future prospecting lists.
  • allows you to remove your name from lists that the consumer credit reporting companies Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion sell to companies for prescreened and preapproved credit card and insurance policy offers. The consumer credit reporting companies are required by law to honor your opt-out requests.

Will these services stop all junk mail?

While you can greatly reduce the amount of junk mail you receive by using opt-out services, you will not be able to stop all junk mail. Some mail is sent to all households in your area—such as political mail and advertisements from local stores, grocers, and restaurants. These offers may not have opt-out options.

You’ll also continue receiving mail from companies that you currently do business with. To stop these types of offers, directly write or email each of the senders.

How do I stop phone books?

Use National Yellow Pages’ Consumer Choice & Opt-Out to stop phone book deliveries to your home or business.

Why stop junk mail?

View the Product Stewardship Institute’s infographic on stopping unwanted junk mail to learn about the social, environmental, and economic problems associated with junk mail.

Work for the City of Bellevue

Utilities Job PostingBellevue Utilities and the Bellevue Department of Transportation have seasonal employment opportunities – lasting for the summer or up to six months. Learn more about city infrastructure and utilities and gain exposure to potential career fields while earning money. The following jobs are waiting for you:

  • Drinking Water or Wastewater Maintenance: Get hands on training and work duties related to underground utilities and the infrastructure that makes it all work.
  • Storm Drainage: Learn about efforts to protect the environment and natural resources related to surface water run-off, streams, and system maintenance.
  • Street Maintenance: Learn how to work with concrete, pavement, signs, traffic control, and vegetation maintenance.

The City of Bellevue needs you! Apply online today. For questions call 425-452-7840.

FREE Recycling Assistance for Condos and Apartments

Recycling PosterManagers of condos and apartments can help your residents dispose of items correctly (uncontaminated recycling and organics). You can order free materials from Bellevue Utilities, such as guides, posters, and labels.

These materials are only for Bellevue residents in apartment and condominium buildings.  Some items are available in multiple languages and you can view examples below.  Your order will be delivered within 2 weeks.

Condo and apartment managers can also request:

  • Site visits on how to improve your property’s recycling and organics collection program.
  • Recycling and/or organics collection presentations at properties for residents. (Available for groups of 25 or more people, 40-60 minutes.)

Download Print Materials

Don’t want to wait for an order?  For immediate use with building residents, download these posters and guides.

Multifamily Recycling Guide

Guidelines on recycling, organics, garbage, and hazardous waste (pdf) from Republic Services:
English   Chinese   Farsi   Japanese   Korean   Russian   Spanish  Vietnamese

Other Resources

Order your materials and request assistance today!