Don’t throw away old clothes; ‘threadcycle’ them

Threadcycle 2Damaged clothes aren’t garbage anymore. Don’t toss those shabby socks in the trash!

Organizations across King County want all of your used clothes, shoes and linens for reuse and recycling. Ripped, stained and threadbare clothing can have a second life as industrial wiping rags, insulation and more.

To threadcycle, it’s just two simple steps for Bellevue residents:

  1. Call Republic Services, the provider of garbage and recycling services in Bellevue, at 425-452-4762 to arrange for a pickup day.
  2. Put the clean, dry clothing and household textiles in a clear plastic bag and place next to or on top of their recycling container on the arranged pickup day.

Acceptable items:

  • Torn, ripped or holey
  • Stained
  • Missing buttons or broken zippers
  • Single shoes or socks

Worn or faded Items that are wet, mildewed or contaminated with hazardous materials are not accepted.

Learn more about Threadcycle, a public education campaign of King County and Seattle Public Utilities at

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