Everyone Can Recycle Organics!

Food ScrapsWhether you live in a home, condo, apartment, or have a business – you can participate! When you keep food waste and compostable paper out of the garbage, you are saving a valuable resource. Instead of sending it to the landfill where it will stay forever, this raw material becomes rich, nutrient-filled compost that will help feed gardens around Bellevue. Compost also helps reduce water use because it slows runoff from sprinklers and rain.

Single-family residents

Put food scraps and compostable paper (napkins, paper towels and pizza boxes) in your 96-gallon yard debris cart. If you are concerned about possible messes, use compostable or paper bags to store and dispose of food scraps or put newspaper on the bottom of your cart. Call Republic Services at 425-452-4762 for your free kitchen food waste container.

Multifamily residents and businesses

You too can recycle organics. Get two free 96-gallon organics carts on weekly service for every garbage container at your property at no additional charge. Diverting more waste out of the garbage may result in needing fewer or smaller garbage containers, which will save money. Call Republic Services at 425-646-2492 to set up service and take advantage of many tools and resources available.

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