Water Quality and Safety: Your Water Rates at Work

WaterTester_FBYou might think that when you pay your water bill you are just purchasing the water you use. In fact you are purchasing peace of mind every time you turn on the tap when it comes to your water quality.

Water quality specialists at Bellevue Utilities are monitoring the safety of your drinking water throughout the year. At 28 sampling stations – increasing to 34 in 2016 – utilities staff are collecting monthly samples to see:

  • If any unsafe bacteria are present
  • Proper levels of chlorination are maintained

There are also 16 online analyzers located at reservoirs and other locations in the city water system, continuously monitoring for chlorine and acidity. Proper chlorine levels protect you from any unsafe bacteria or other microorganisms. Monitoring and maintaining acidity of water reduces risk to exposure to lead and copper from home plumbing leaching into your drinking water.

Learn more about your water in Bellevue’s 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report.

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