Oil and Water Don’t Mix

Don't Drip and DriveA drip here, a little trickle there – it all can add up to big trouble for our local waterways when those drips and leaks are from your car.

Oil, power steering, transmission and brake fluids, and gasoline leaking from vehicles fall onto roadways and parking lots. Rain washes these fluids into storm drains, most of which flow directly to the nearest water body – harming fish and other wildlife.

If the repair is within your budget, get it fixed immediately. This will prolong the life of your vehicle, protecting your investment as well as our waterways. If you are unable to repair the leak right away, place cardboard, drip pans or newspaper under your car while it is parked until you can get it fixed. An absorbent material, such as sand or kitty litter, can be sprinkled on spills, swept up and placed in a bag, and put in the trash.

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