Avoid a Holiday Horror Story

TurkeyKeep Your Sewer Fat-Free

Homeowners and building owners are responsible for repairing and maintaining their side sewer connections to the city’s sewer system. Sewer clogs often peak during the holiday season when turkeys, trimmings, and other holiday fare are prepared for friends and family.

Sewer Clogs Can Be Costly

When a sewer backup is caused by a side sewer failure, you may be faced with digging up your yard, removing the adjoining sidewalk, and/or opening up the street, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars. Repairs are NOT typically covered by homeowners insurance.

An Ounce of Prevention

You can prevent grease from clogging your side sewer by pouring used dairy products, fats, oil, grease into a lidded container and placing it in the trash – NOT down the sink drain. Food scraps can also be composted instead of using your garbage disposal.

Learn more how you can keep food waste out of your drain an in your organics cart.

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