FREE Recycling Assistance for Condos and Apartments

Recycling PosterManagers of condos and apartments can help your residents dispose of items correctly (uncontaminated recycling and organics). You can order free materials from Bellevue Utilities, such as guides, posters, and labels.

These materials are only for Bellevue residents in apartment and condominium buildings.  Some items are available in multiple languages and you can view examples below.  Your order will be delivered within 2 weeks.

Condo and apartment managers can also request:

  • Site visits on how to improve your property’s recycling and organics collection program.
  • Recycling and/or organics collection presentations at properties for residents. (Available for groups of 25 or more people, 40-60 minutes.)

Download Print Materials

Don’t want to wait for an order?  For immediate use with building residents, download these posters and guides.

Multifamily Recycling Guide

Guidelines on recycling, organics, garbage, and hazardous waste (pdf) from Republic Services:
English   Chinese   Farsi   Japanese   Korean   Russian   Spanish  Vietnamese

Other Resources

Order your materials and request assistance today!

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