Get Started Recycling Food Scraps with a FREE Kitchen Composter

Kitchen ComposterFood waste and food-soiled paper make up about 30 percent of a typical household’s waste. If you are putting them down the garbage disposal in your sink, you are increasing your risk of a sewage backup.

Fats, oils and grease from cooking can gather in your home’s side sewer. When a sewer backup is caused by a side sewer failure, you may be faced with digging up your yard, removing the adjoining sidewalk, and/or opening up the street, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars. Repairs are NOT typically covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Avoid this potential disaster with a FREE kitchen composter! Bellevue single-family residents can start recycling food scraps with a free kitchen food waste container by calling your solid waste provider, Republic Services, at 425-452-4762.

Keep the mess down by using compostable bags in your container. Get a free sample from King County by taking the Compost More, Waste Less Pledge.

Apartment and condo residents are eligible for free kitchen food waste containers if a property is signed up for organics service. If your building is, ask your property manager to call Bellevue Utilities’ recycling hotline at 425-452-6932 to request containers. If not, ask your property manager to sign up for organics service and help keep more waste out of the landfill.

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